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Most blades for cutting green concrete are designed for use with special early-entry saws that minimize joint raveling and spalling. Wet-cutting blades are typically used with walk-behind saws for cutting joints in cured concrete flatwork because water cooling permits deeper cuts. Although it’s possible to use most dry-cutting blades with water, never use a wet-cutting blade dry. Always continuously cool the blade with water to avoid segment loss and blade warpage. Dry-cutting blades have segment welds that resist heat and don’t require water for cooling. They are usually intended for intermittent cutting and for use on handheld, low-horsepower saws.

Blades & Bits, founded in 2016, is a top manufacturer of professional and industrial-grade diamond saw blades, drill bits, and cutting tools. We have wet/dry cutting tools, blades, and bits for cutting all types of materials cleanly and with no chipping or flaking. Our diamond blades and diamond drill bits are built for high performance using the best diamonds, and other top grades to ensure quality, power, and longevity. Diamond blades are essential for the construction industry; the blade has synthetic diamonds in its outer edge to improve the cutting of all kinds of materials. As diamond is one of the hardest materials and extremely effective for cutting stone, concrete, bricks, ceramics and even some non-ferrous metals. Toolstation has a variety of diamond blades from reliable brands to cut all types of building materials including Bosch diamond blades, Mexco diamond blades, Turbolite, Spectrum and Pegasus.

When sharpening the saw blade with a front bevel angle, the saw table or grinding wheel should be inclined at an angle equal to the front bevel angle. There are 3 kinds of equipment for sharpening carbide saw blade. They are automatic saw sharpener, manual saw sharpener, and universal edge grinder. The automatic saw sharpener is divided into numerical control type and general automatic type. Metal bond diamond grinding wheel has high bonding strength and good wear resistance, low wear ratio when sharpening, long service life, low cost, and withstand big loads. In addition, a number of international state-of-the-art diamond blade technology was developed, such as multi-layer diamond segments, silent diamond saw blades, etc. The blade core is typically a metal, round and flat disc which is used to support the outer welded diamond segments. The diamond segments can be attached to the core by laser welding, sintering ,brazing and vacuum brazing. Typically, circular saw blades with 60 to 80 teeth work quite well for MDF because they have the ability to cut very sharp, fine lines and are even a good choice for MDF that has laminate on the outside of it. These are made from different abrasive materials and are pretty common so you can find them for just about any type of saw and they are available in many different sizes.

If you’re sawing decorative pattern lines in concrete, dry-cutting blades are often the best choice for making crisp, clean cuts . These decorative cuts are typically only 1/16 to 1/4 inch deep and do not function as control joints. Barranca Diamond BD-301 Supreme Lapidary Blades provide superior cutting performance for hard materials such as agate, petrified wood or jade. Blades using diamonds embedded in a metal coating, typically of nickel electroplated onto a steel blade base, can be made to be very thin—blades can be tens of micrometres thick, for use in precise cuttings. Diamond blades designed for specific uses include marble, granite, concrete, asphalt, masonry, and gem-cutting blades. Depending on the material being cut, a different combination of abrasive size, concentration and bond strength is needed. Buehler has developed blades for specific applications to ensure a high quality result is achieved. The selection table on the “Ordering” tab provides a recommended blade by application. Hard edge flexible back recommended for straight and contour cutting of wood, flake board, plastic and nonferrous materials. Absence of raker teeth gives a third more cutting edge for additional blade life and abrasion resistance.

If you use the wrong kind of saw blade, you risk damaging your circular saw. All products denoted with ® or ™ are registered trademarks or trademarks of Engis Corporation. Superabrasive electroplated products for the most demanding precision applications. We work with high strength alloys, ceramics, fiberglass pipe, and composites. once the wear is serious, it is difficult to sharpen, which not only increases the sharpening time, but also the saw teeth wear early and increases the sharpening power. According to the practical production experience, the saw teeth should be sharpened when the following situations occur.

The soft bonds are mostly made up of soft metals for example Bronze and are common when cutting very hard less abrasive material like marble. The hard bonds are mostly made up of hard metals for example Tungsten Carbide and are common when used for cutting very soft abrasive materials like asphalt or freshly poured concrete. One additional consideration is when using diamond blades on concrete with steel in it. Rebar is the backbone of concrete construction and the bane of bits and blades alike. If cutting rebar when exposed, a diamond blade will make quick work of the cut, but it greatly reduces the life of the blade. This is because diamond blades “cut” by grinding the material as opposed to other blades that rip and tear. When cutting concrete where rebar is sure to be found, it is often best to use a continuous rim blade with a supply of water. An actual gem among saw blades, the diamond’s famous hardness provides cutting on some of the hardest materials on earth. There are numerous choices of diamond saw blades depending on your particular setup, and cutting surfaces include concrete, tile, masonry, brick and glass. For more power sawing and grinding options, browse our selection of masonry saws, circular saw blades and circular saw accessories.

When it comes to cutting hard materials such as quartz, glass, carbon, silicon, ceramics, or composites, a slotted blade may be right for you. Some of the circular saw diamond blades are for wet cutting while others can only do the dry cutting. Which one to choose, depends on your circular saw and the type of application. Conceptually, turbo rim blades are very similar in appearance to continuous rim blades in that both have no teeth. However, turbo rim blades are serrated, which gives them a lot more raw cutting power. Because of this, turbo rim blades are the kind of saw blades that you want to use when you need to cut through really tough materials like say concrete or brick. The individual diamond crystals exposed on the edge and sides of the rim do the cutting. The operator pushes the rotating blade into the surface of the material, causing the diamonds to cut a groove in the material.

Our loyal and valued customers have helped our business grow and today we are the largest high end quality diamond blade company that sells direct. Please look over our products and don’t hesitate to e-mail or call. Again thank you for visiting and we look forward to a long and rewarding business relationship. For friction cutting ferrous metals up to 1″. Blades are run at very high SFPM which creates high frictional heat allowing the blade to burn or melt away the material. Full hard teeth and a hardened back for heavier feed pressures. This quality allows for more tension and added rigidity resulting in straighter cuts in contour cutting. Blade BundlesSave money by purchasing one of our DL5000 or DL7000 Blade Bundles.

such small diameter blades use sintered and Vacuum Brazed welding, they need more sharp. Glass is a beautiful and translucent material but is also Hard and brittle. Because of this glass requires a very abrasive blade with very cool properties to reduce heating of the blade. Most diamond glass blades are made with very fine diamonds implanted into the rim of the blades segment. Glass blades in almost all occasion continuous rim to reduce aggressive friction which may cause cracks or harsh rough cuts. Tenax marble bridge saw blades are designed in such a way that they wear correctly and perform well.