The wet tissue programmed bundling machine is a programmed bundling machine used to bundle wet tissue items.

This kind of hardware is by and large utilized in the drug, cleanliness material and cooking businesses. For instance, the bundling of drug patches, sanitized cotton wipes, cleaned tissues, sterile tissues, scented napkins and different items. This kind of programmed bundling hardware for the most part has capacities, for example, vertical and even programmed collapsing, cutting, sack making, fluid plunging, cutting, printing and innovation. Four-side-fixed pack type, the completed item is level and delightful.

  1. The fixing blade is made of unique Teflon plated aluminum compound and the cutting blade is made of Teflon plated treated steel.
  2. The therapist stove takes on a hot twofold cycle shrinkage framework to make the shrinkage more tight and more wonderful.
  3. Progressed cold cutting innovation, which can adequately decrease energy utilization.
  4. The fixing blade embraces a consistent temperature warming framework.
  5. Unique security gadget, when the blade cuts into the bundling will consequently fly back.
  6. The passing on part embraces high recurrence stepless variable speed engine.
    Boundaries Introduction Editorial Podcast
    Type of fixing and cutting L-formed completely shut sort
    Bundling stature ≤180mm
    Bundling width ≤600mm
    Pressing size Width+height ≤680mm Length+height ≤700mm
    Max. speed 25 packs/min
    Film utilized POF parafilm
    All out power 16kW
    Fundamental material tissue packing machine Carbon steel
    By and large machine weight 1000kg
    Power supply 380V/50-60Hz/3phase
    Stage stature 800-850mm
    Transport speed movable, 40m/min
    Max. film 850mm (W) x 280mm (OD)
    Gaseous tension ≤0.5MPa (5 bar)
    Heater size 2000mm (L), heater opening 800 (W) x 300 (H) mm
    In general aspects 2600×1150×1600+3000×1150×1700
  7. Twofold recurrence converter control, sack length is set and cut, no compelling reason to change the vacant walk, one-venture, save time and film.
  8. Human-machine interface, helpful and fast boundary setting.
  9. Issue self-analysis work, shortcoming show initially.
  10. High-awareness photoelectric eye shading scale following, advanced contribution of fixing and cutting position, making the fixing and cutting position more precise.
  11. Autonomous PID control of temperature, more qualified to different bundling materials.
  12. Situating stop work, no tacky blade, no misuse of wrapping film.
  13. Basic transmission framework, more solid work, more helpful support.
  14. All controls are acknowledged by programming, helpful for work change and innovation redesign, never linger behind.
    Extent of utilization alter Podcast
    Reasonable for wrapping towels, paper towels, hanging noodles, egg rolls, wieners, squid, popsicles, fudge, bread rolls, new leafy foods delicate, long and free things. [1]
  15. coding machine
    2.Straight grain community seal wheel
  16. Network end seal pass on
    4.Oversized touch screen