PP SMS Spunmelt Machine

High handled items from PP spunbonded non woven texture is generally utilized in clinical, family items, farming assurance, vehicle extras, embellishing materials, waterproof materials, shoes, caps, bedding articles, travel items and so forth

Clinical and sterile products: Operation garments, clean material, veil, diaper, magnificence items, sterile towel, cushion and other one time wellbeing fabric and so forth

Family products: Flowers pressing material, sack texture, drape, cover for family, decorative spread, couch fabric, bedding material and garderobe cover and so on

Every day ware products: Over-sleeve, cover, sauna suits, shopping sacks, gift packs, store sacks, commercial sacks and so forth

For pieces of clothing and shoes: Ski shirt, quilt, work garments, activity garments, openness suit, lining, clothing adornment, suitcase, sweater sack and so on

Modern and rural

reason: Filtering material, protecting material, cover, vehicle inside adornment fabric, oil ingestion material, roadbed fabric, dykes and dams material, waterproof moving texture, covering fabric and so forth


Brand : Seek Winwin

Model : SW1600SMS,SW-2400SMS,SW-3200SMS

Programmed Grade : Automatic

Pressing : Wooden box

Item base substantial degree: 10-150GSM

Essential normal fineness of fiber : 2.5D

Successful width : 1600mm-3200mm

Creation speed: 250M/Min

Mechanical speed : 300M/Min

Limit :10000-20000kg/24H dependent on 40GSM

process stream:PP SMS Spunmelt Machine

FeedingExtrusion MeltingfilteringmeteringspinningCoolingStretching Web spreadingThermal bondingslittingcollecting

The presentation boundaries are as per the following:

1.Total introduced limit of creation line: 450KW

2.Actual power utilization: 220 ~ 280KW/hour

3.Mechanical straight speed: 4-20m/min

4.Width of completed item: 1600mm

5.Product weight: 8 ~ 120g/m2

  1. Meltblown fiber: 2 ~ 5m

7.CV of consistency: 4%

8.Roll most extreme distance across: 600mm

  1. Greatest yearly yield: wire measurement: 330 years at 2 ~ 5m.

10 The machine covers a space of around 15000mm * 5000mm * H5000mm,

11.Machine weight: around 13 tons (in view of real weight)

(1) 12. (Voltage: three-stage power 380V50Hz)

1.) Number of laborers working the creation line:

Creation is partitioned into two movements of 3 individuals every: 1 helper specialist, 2 specialized staff

2.) Equipment arrangement is as per the following:

3.1 host container (material: tempered steel, window with material level and addition plate,)

A vacuum programmed taking care of machine, control power: 3KW

3.2 Extruder: 90 extruder set (90 barrel and screw have stage)

1 arrangement of 90mm barrel

Material: 38 CrMoLALA (excellent nitrided steel)

Nitriding hardness: 740HV

Nitrided layer profundity: 0.5-0.8mm

Screw measurement: 90mm

Screw perspective proportion: 30: 1

Screw structure: extraordinary screw (appropriate for PP arrangement showering)

Material: 38rMo (excellent nitrided steel)

Nitriding hardness: 740HV

1 Set of host gearbox

Host engine power: 45KW

Control structure: AC variable recurrence control

Host warming zone: zone 5

Warming power per zone: 6.0KW (cast copper radiator)

Complete warming power: 32.5KW

Cooling strategy: air cooling

Air-cooled zone: Zone 5

Air cooling power per zone: 180W

4.) One bunch of single-channel double position water driven speedy change screen for the host (plate type)

Control strategy: water driven control

Control power: 2.2KW

Water driven chamber bore: 100mm