PP SSS Spunbond Machine

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Further develop hindrance execution, fit and solace in clinical nonwovens with a wide scope of items from ExxonMobil Chemical. These incorporate Achieve Advanced PP, ExxonMobil PP, Vistamaxx execution polymers and polyethylene items, including Exceed execution PE polymers. Applications incorporate PP SSS Spunbond Machine careful window hangings and outfits, clinical defensive outfits, facial coverings, shoe covers, expendable sheet material and emergency clinic attire, wipes, cushions, wraps, and filtration media.

Utilization of the PP spunbond nonwoven texture machine

PP spunbond nonwoven texture machine is utilized to deliver pp spunbond nonwoven fabric.With slitter in our machine,the texture can be sliced into any width to fit distinctive requirement.Machine running pace is 10-450m/min,filament denier:1.8-2.3denier

Use CNC to create fundamental pieces of the pp spunbond nonwoven machine.Machine roller utilize dynamic equilibrium machine to deliver the rollers to make machine running in high speed.Main engines use Siemens motor,and use Siemens or ABB driver to control the entire machine.

After-deals Service Provided:

Video specialized help, Online help, Field establishment, appointing and preparing, Engineers accessible to support hardware abroad

PP spunbond nonwoven texture utilization:

Nonwoven cleanliness items

Child and grown-up diapers: Top sheets, back sheets, ears, tapes, landing zone

Female cleanliness: Top sheets, wings

Cleaning wipes: Baby care, beauty care products, and so forth

Nonwoven clinical items

Specialist’s masks,Disposable garments,Surgical drapes,Shoe covers

Nonwoven furniture items

Beds: Pocket springs, sleeping pads, pads, bed blankets, removal bedding

Seating:Upholstered backs,sub-framing, moderate layers, and so on

Nonwoven specialized items

Geotextiles: Erosion insurance, filtration, support, waste, division layers, dike fortress and so forth for roads, embankments, and ranches

Primary designing: Bitumen upholds, rooftop protection sheeting, stomachs

Horticulture: Crop driving nonwovens, creepy crawly security, and so forth

Auto: Inner framing, sound protection, protection, and so on

Nonwoven bundling items

Shopping bags,Rice packaging,Tea sacks ,Clothes bundling

Component of pp spunbond nonwoven machine

Item Application

1.Material:PP chip

2.Weight range:10-250g/m2

3.Fabric usage:Medical applicant,shopping bag,packing,operation suit,face mask,baby diaper.etc

B.Parts of spunbonded nonwoven texture creation line:

Reuse extruder – – >Main extruder – – >Filter – – >Metering siphon – – >

Monomer attractions gadget – >Spinning box(Changzhou/ENKA/KASEN spinneret)- – – >

Extinguishing air chamber – – >Stretching gadget – – >Web previous – – >

Calender – – >Winder – – >Slitter

C.Spunbonded interaction and specialized stream diagram:

Additive(Recycling off-cut texture)- – – >Raw material – – > Melting – – >

Sifting – – >Measuring – – >Spinning – – >Cooling – – >Stretching – – >

Web shaping – – >Calendering – – >Winding – – > Cutting – – >Final item