SMS Meltblown Nonwoven Testing Machine Product Description

SMS meltblown non-woven tester Model: FCN-3
Minimum slenderness (d): 1.5
Material for one test (g): ≤200
Test time (m): 10
SMS meltblown nonwoven tester grammage (g/m2): 15-150
SMS meltblown non-woven testing machine width (mm): 100

SMS meltblown nonwoven tester features: 2dtex spunbond nonwoven with a width of not less than 10cm; the whole machine is designed using the production process of spunbond nonwoven, the spun nonwoven is close to mass production; three layers of composite nonwoven can be spun, two layers of spunbond and one layer of meltblown; less material is used to improve the accuracy of the colour matching of the three layers of composite nonwoven.

SMS meltblown nonwoven testing machine application scope: suitable for PP PE PET PA, etc., colour masterbatch manufacturers to match the colour and simulate large production; universities and research units for scientific experiments and new material development.

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Jinxiang Machinery specializes in the production of SMS non-woven production line equipment, which has reasonable design, superior performance, uniform web formation and complete specifications. The effective width of the equipment: 1.6, 2.4, 3.2 meters, the replacement of different configurations can produce SMMS, SMMSS and other series of products.

SMS nonwovens are composite nonwovens, which are a combination of spunbond and meltblown products with high strength and good filtration performance. It is mainly used for medical and health labour protection products such as surgical gowns, surgical caps, protective clothing, handbags etc.

SMS nonwoven production line components:

Edge material screw and recycling device —->screw extruder —->filter —->metering pump —->mono-suction device —>spinning box (enka/kasen spinnerets) —->cooling air box —->stretching device —->web forming machine —->hot rolling machine —->rewinding machine —->slitting machine

With the increasing aging of the ball population, the increase in the birth rate of babies in some regions and the increase in demand for medical supplies under epidemics, the demand for disposable hygiene products such as diapers, sanitary napkins, masks, protective clothing and medical materials has risen sharply, especially in countries and regions such as Asia, PP SMS Spunmelt Machine India and Africa, where the market demand for related products has been maintained at a high level. As a key material for disposable sanitary products, spun fused non-woven materials are experiencing increasing demand with rising market penetration and significant growth in residents’ income.

At the same time, spunbond nonwovens are the most cost-effective, highly flexible and versatile material compared to other materials. In addition to their competitive advantages in the medical, hygiene and packaging sectors, technical textiles made from them are also widely used in architectural applications, home decoration, industrial protection, automotive interiors and other high-performance products.

Not only can spun fusion nonwovens adapt to the needs of diversification, high quality, functionality and specialisation, they can also meet today’s demand for energy saving and environmental protection, and they are an important material for making biodegradable bags and degradable plastic bags.

Because of the many superior properties of spun fusion nonwoven materials, the spun fusion nonwoven materials market has always maintained strong growth, occupying the largest share of the overall market. According to forecasters, spunbond nonwoven production capacity is expected to increase by 25% next year, with regional growth patterns once again highlighted: spunbond nonwoven production capacity growth in South Asia, Africa and Asia Pacific is expected to be significantly higher than the global average.

Many producers are very optimistic about the spunbond nonwovens market, with a large number of spunbond nonwovens production lines. At the same time, the requirements for spunbond technology and equipment are increasing, however, there are not many spunbond nonwovens machines on the market that are truly high quality and have a good after-sales service, so how do you choose your equipment? What are the advantages of high quality equipment?

  1. High product output

The working principle of the SMS spunbond meltblown composite production line is that the same machine is equipped with two spunbond systems and a meltblown spinning system, the first spunbond system forms the first layer of fibre web, then the second meltblown spinning system forms the second layer of fibre web, then the second spunbond system forms the third layer of fibre web, then the three layers of fibre web are bonded by a hot rolling machine, and finally the edges are cut and wound by a winding machine to form the SMS non-woven fabric.

The SMS spunbond nonwoven machine adopts the leading technology from Japan, with sophisticated design and excellent workmanship, from material selection, design, manufacturing to assembly to ensure fine perfection, fast machine speed and high work efficiency, providing a strong guarantee for production.

The key to high output lies in the quality and efficiency of the spinnerets. SMS spunbond nonwovens spinnerets are made using leading Japanese technology, German Demaggi CNC machining centres and Italian Fidia gantry five-axis high-speed milling, plus fluid polishing. The aperture of the spinneret can reach 0.25mm and the aerial drawing is 1-4μm. The spinneret is fine and uniform and the meltblown filtration rate is high enough to ensure the filtration and breathability of the material.

Spunlace SMS spun fusion nonwoven machine adopts electrostatic electret treatment, electrostatic electret is a dielectric material with long-term charge storage function, which can make the meltblown internal electrostatic, the output of meltblown fabric can effectively adsorb and lock the bacteria, thus improving product quality.

Spunbond nonwoven machines from Spunbond SMS use electrostatic electret treatment, which is designed to improve the filtration efficiency of meltblown nonwoven filter materials and consists of three parts: the main generator, the step-up transformer and the electret treatment frame.

The treatment machine can be combined with in-line treatment in a meltblown production line or with independent treatment of the finished meltblown filter material. After the fibres have been ejected from the meltblown holes, they are bombarded by charged protons such as electrons or ions, making the fibre substrate an electret. The equipment is treated at high pressure by an electret processor, which effectively increases the filtration efficiency of the material.