SMS Meltblown Nonwoven Testing Machine

SMS Meltblown Nonwoven Testing Machine Product Description

SMS meltblown nonwoven analyzer Model: FCN-3

Least thinness (d): 1.5

Material for one test (g): 200

Test time (m): 10

SMS meltblown nonwoven analyzer grammage (g/m2): 15-150

SMS meltblown non-woven testing machine width (mm): 100

SMS meltblown nonwoven analyzer highlights: 2dtex spunbond nonwoven with a width of at least 10cm; the entire machine is planned utilizing the creation interaction of spunbond nonwoven, the turned nonwoven is near large scale manufacturing; three layers of composite nonwoven can be turned, two layers of spunbond and one layer of meltblown; less material is utilized to work on the precision of the shading coordinating of the three layers of composite nonwoven.

SMS meltblown nonwoven testing machine application scope: appropriate for PP PE PET PA, and so forth, shading masterbatch makers to coordinate with the shading and recreate huge creation; colleges and examination units for logical analyses and new material turn of events.

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EB series PP spunbond nonwoven creation line accepts polypropylene granules as unrefined substance and produces pp spunbond nonwoven or meltblown nonwoven on the web.

  1. the line is a completely programmed PP nonwoven creation line, beginning from PP stacking and warming.
  2. expulsion – filtration – turning – fiber drafting – fiber framing – emblazoning – winding and cutting. The line is a completely programmed pp nonwoven creation machine, constrained by savvy programming and an excellent PLC control framework, the entire machine is easy to work and simple to keep up with.
  3. The line is furnished with renowned parts/gear like Piovan/AEC gravity pp feeder, Maag turning siphon, Enka spinnerets, Kusts emblazoning and calendering machine, transporter cooling framework and Siemens engines/PLC.

The models set apart in blue are the first models of Keimei Plastifizierung Technik GmbH, Germany, some of which can be fabricated in China by Keimei Plastifizierung Technik (Yantai) Co. The models set apart in dim are the first Huada models, which have been coordinated by Keimei Plastifizierung Technik GmbH in Germany, bringing about a brought together appearance, a more sane design and a uniform selection of materials, which have significantly worked on the general exhibition, like the perfection of the entire machine, the normalization of the parts, the reconciliation of the parts, the CE wellbeing. The general presentation has been incredibly improved, for example, the perfection of the entire machine, the normalization of parts, the combination of the refined plan of parts, the CE wellbeing consistence, and so forth

Through the organization’s consolidation and reconciliation, the first UW’s huge models have gotten a ton of specialized contribution from Keimei Plastifizierung Technik GmbH in Germany, with the goal that the first UW’s models have been altogether improved, however the exhaustive expense has been moderately diminished; for the German unique piece of the models made in China, the expense of these models has been decreased, and as far as execution can meet The longing of some client gatherings. With everything taken into account, the consolidation has offered KEIMEI a chance to grow, however has additionally carried various advantages to the market and its clients.

The brand name of the gained gadget is KMD, which implies Kneten . Mischen . Dispergieren, which implies: shear, blend, scatter.

Soften turned nonwoven analyzers: Spunbond, meltblown and SMS nonwoven analyzers. SMS nonwoven analyzers comprise of the S series + M series + S series.

General attributes :

Appropriate for a wide scope of thermoplastic polymers like PP, PA, PET, PLA, and so forth

o Easy to spotless, the liquefy trench can be turned flawlessly without being dismantled for cleaning. Simple material change.

Cooling air temperature flexible from 15 to 25C.

Flexible cooling air stature to meet the crystallization and cooling needs of various polymer materials.

o Cantilever development for simple activity and perception.

Simple to change spinnerets.

Selectable spinneret opening example.

Novel hot moving machine warming framework for adaptable and helpful temperature control.

The hot moving machine can be outfitted with a wide range of examples of blossom rolls, which can likewise be applied to spunlace nonwovens.

o Machine mixes can be designed to SS, SMS, SSMMS, and so on, contingent upon the application.

o Changing from one-part to two-part: just the extruder and turning module should be added.

o Changing from two-part to one-part: a. Exchangeable turning modules; b. Utilization of a similar material. \

Specialized information for one-part nonwoven exploratory hardware (if it’s not too much trouble, reach us for data on two-part designs)