The slewing bearing OEM alternative

Mining excavators and digging tool

At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to supplant or fix a ragged pressure driven excavator or digging tool slewing bearing, mine administrators are saving $100,000s by picking Kaydon, a SKF Group brand, over the OEM.

New swap for any OEM slewing bearing

Kaydon fabricates new slewing bearings to any OEM specs, applying a similar designing ability we use to plan new bearings for flight-basic aviation and safeguard applications. Kaydon’s slewing bearing stock incorporates numerous excavator and digging tool makes and models. In the event that we don’t have your china Excavator bearing model available, we can plan and produce another bearing to arrange.

You can rely on your new Kaydon substitution bearing to meet or surpass the first OEM specs; proceed just as or better than (and as long as or more than) the first; and accompany an allocated two-year warranty*. Kaydon is the OEM elective that can save huge mine administrators a huge number of dollars.

Remanufactured slewing bearing for any OEM

Through Kaydon’s bearing remanufacturing measure, worn bearing centers are altogether investigated and fixed to meet or surpass unique OEM specs, with as-new or better execution and an entire one-year guarantee. Our slewing bearing stock incorporates some remanufactured centers just as new substitution bearings. On the off chance that we don’t have your model in stock, we can find a center or remanufacture your well used bearing.

Mine administrators have set aside to $250,000 and found that their Kaydon remanufactured bearing keeps going as long or more than the first. Others request another substitution and have us remanufacture their ragged bearing to use as an extra. Discover how much significant mine administrators have saved in our surface mining bulletin.

Have a ragged bearing you’d prefer sell? Get some information about our bearing buy program.

  • Full guarantee for a very long time after date of conveyance, then, at that point declining cost of substitution of (10%) every month to 24 two years after date of conveyance.


Mining gear slewing bearing stock

Kaydon regularly has the accompanying new substitution and remanufactured bearings close by. We’re continually adding slewing bearings to our stock, so on the off chance that you don’t see your hardware OEM, make, or model recorded here,