Advancement and use of high effectiveness one-piece collapsed film channel

“Filtration” alludes to the partition of minuscule strong particles or spray particles in liquids (gases and fluids) from the liquid, and the gadget used to accomplish this division is a filtration gadget, which should be fitted with a filtration film, and just when the layer has a high filtration effectiveness would the liquid be able to become unadulterated or sterile. “Purging” is additionally a sort of division, yet broad refinement gadgets, for example, tornado separators, vortex tube separators, gas-fluid separators, and so on don’t have channel films, depending on logical and sensible mechanical construction configuration, can isolate bigger particles, the overall decontamination precision are above 1μm. In the biopharmaceutical and other aging enterprises, air filtration and cleaning innovation is broadly utilized in the readiness of sterile air frameworks.

Collapsed layer air channels, which can supplant the conventional air channels with cotton and initiated carbon as media, have shown incredible predominance as far as energy saving, natural security and utilization decrease. In almost 30 years, our organization has fostered an assortment of sterile air framework gear, which have been applied to the aging business and have been generally welcomed and supported by clients. The new energy-saving aseptic air filtration framework containing five public patent items, for example, one-piece collapsed layer channel is displayed in Figure 1.
1 New energy-saving aseptic air filtration framework stream graph (the outline is “one-piece collapsed film channel”)

1-Air blower pre-processor 2-Air blower 3-Air stockpiling tank 4-Cooler 5-Gas-fluid separator 6-Heater

7 – Scroll tube separator 8 – Master air channel 9 – Steam channel 10 – One-piece collapsed film channel

11-Stopping gadget 12-Fermenter 13-Escape trap

1 Structural investigation of aseptic air channels

The aseptic air channels utilized in the aging business have gone through a course of change from low effectiveness and high energy utilization to high productivity and low energy utilization. At the point when the channel media of complete air channel and sub-channel are cotton and initiated carbon, it is called cotton charcoal + cotton charcoal channel; when the channel media of absolute air channel and sub-channel are cotton, actuated carbon and glass fiber, it is called cotton charcoal + overlaid plate channel; when the channel media of all out air channel and sub-channel are glass fiber and metal composite layer, it is called glass fiber + metal film channel; when the channel media of all out air channel and sub-channel are glass fiber and metal composite layer, it is called glass fiber + metal film channel; when the channel media of all out air channel and sub-channel are glass fiber and metal composite film channel, it is called glass fiber + metal film channel. At the point when the channel mode of the membrane filter press sub-channel is glass fiber and PTFE film, it is called collapsed layer + polymer film channel.

1.1 Cotton carbon channel structure

China’s maturation industry creation started during the 1950s, from that point until the mid-1980s, has been utilizing cotton, enacted carbon as the fundamental vehicle of sterile air filtration hardware.

Inside the shell of the cotton-carbon channel, cotton and enacted carbon are set in layers and fixed by parts and screws. The air enters from the lower part of the shell and is released from the top after a few layers of cotton and initiated carbon.

Figure 2 shows a sketch of the design of a cotton charcoal channel. The cotton charcoal channel is partitioned into two kinds, specifically the all out air channel and the sub-channel. Contingent upon the size of the stream rate, their outer aspects are unique, however the inward design is something similar. The headspace channel is the principal phase of filtration and blocks primarily oil fog, water fog and bigger particles. The sub-channel is the second phase of filtration. In the event that the separated air doesn’t arrive at the necessary filtration precision of the aging fluid, one more phase of filtration can be added to guarantee that the sifted air meets the necessities of the aging system.

Benefits of the cotton carbon channel.

(1) Fewer gadgets are designed in the framework, which works with incorporated course of action and the executives.

(2) Cotton and enacted carbon, media materials, are effectively accessible, generally economical and have a long help life.

(3) Through the aggregate and sub-stage sterile filtration, it is not difficult to arrange and habitually supplant the sub-channel media, and each bunch of media can be autoclaved prior to entering the tank, which can all the more dependably give the sterile air needed to the maturation cycle. Taking into account these benefits, making the cotton carbon channel in the previous many years, in the development of Chinese and unfamiliar aging industry has been involving an indispensable predominant position.

Nonetheless, as per the attributes of cotton and initiated carbon itself, as a channel vehicle for sterile air channels, it has a few inconceivable imperfections.

(1) Large strain misfortune, the complete loss of tension drop of 0.06 to 0.07 MPa for two-stage filtration.

(2) Easily debased with microorganisms, bringing about a lot of steam and misuse of unrefined substances.

(3) tedious and work escalated to supplant the media, laborers work force, genuine ecological contamination. As biopharmaceuticals and other maturation items are delivered persistently, the yearly energy utilization is exceptionally huge, so the utilization of cotton charcoal channel will carry a significant weight to the endeavor, the aging business energy saving and utilization decrease needs are especially conspicuous, the market and clients direly need more solid and effective filtration media and filtration framework to meet the creation needs of the aging business.

1.2 QJX high-proficiency gas purging framework

The improvement of QJX high-productivity gas decontamination framework (hereinafter alluded to as metal film channel) began in 1985. Confronting the pressing interest for new air filtration framework in the aging business, our professionals applied the mechanical advancement of military detachment layer to regular citizen items and effectively created metal film channel with filtration accuracy of 0.01μm, what broke the circumstance that cotton charcoal channel overwhelmed in the maturation business.

Metal film is a unique layer utilized in the atomic business. Metal film channels utilize surface and profound filtration instruments, and the liquid structure is vortex shear cross stream. The outer layer of the metal film is not difficult to perfect, the profound filtration has an enormous residue limit, and the vortex shear cross-stream structure can persistently release dust, consequently guaranteeing the long help life of the metal film channel can arrive at over 5 years. Its particular highlights are: (1) high framework dependability; (2) progressed filtration instrument; (3) high framework cost viability. The filtration accuracy of the metal film channel made with nanotechnology can reach 0.01μm.

The metal film channel chiefly incorporates pre-channel, fundamental channel and non-turn around gadget. The framework embraces the type of pre and principle channels associated upward. The pre-channel cartridge is barrel shaped, with gas gulf outside and outlet inside, huge single branch stream volume and simple establishment and substitution. The layer tube is organized in an exhibit, and the course of wind current is internal and outward. The layer tube and the cylinder plate are associated by cool welding innovation, and the entire machine has no joints. The sterilization temperature can arrive at 180°C, and rehashed sanitization won’t make the framework execution break down. The float of the gadget is planned as a twofold float structure, which can successfully keep harm to the fundamental channel from backpressure and fluid reverse, and secure the fermenter, and help to keep the tension of the fermenter in the event of unexpected power disappointment, gas disappointment or different mishaps. The metal film channel and the metal layer tube are displayed in Figure 3.

Figure 3 Metal layer channel and metal film tube

From the last part of the 1980s, metal film channel in North China Pharmaceutical Factory, Jiangxi Dongfeng Pharmaceutical Factory, Shandong Lu Anti Group, Nanyang Pu Kang Pharmaceutical Company and other almost 100 aging endeavors have been effectively applied, aging items maturation unit/normal yield, single tank yield, the pace of tainting of microorganisms and different pointers have been significantly improved and improved, have accomplished extensive financial advantages.

Simply North China Pharmaceutical Factory 108 maturation studio, for instance, the full utilization of metal film channels after the outcomes are self-evident: (1) the seed tank tainting rate fell by over 30%, monetary advantages added up to 1.428 million yuan/year. (2) hundred tons of aging tank microorganisms tainting rate diminished by over half, this by itself, the yearly financial advantages of 980,000 yuan. Because of the improvement of air quality, the expense per unit of item was essentially diminished, and the yearly pay created added up to RMB 4.57 million. (3) Completely supplanted the cotton charcoal channel, saving cotton and actuated carbon assets of 173,000 yuan each year. (4) Annual investment funds of north of 1,000 t of sanitization steam, worth 20,000 yuan. The all out yearly financial advantage is 7,171,000 yuan.

By utilizing metal film channels, the key homegrown cleanomycin makers have supplanted the obsolete cotton and charcoal channels, bringing about a key improvement in air quality and clear advantages. The applicable pointers when the improvement of sterile air channels are thought about as displayed in Table 1.

Table 1 Comparison of pertinent pointers when the improvement of sterile air channels