PP SSS Spunbond Machine

  1. The line is furnished with three arrangements of turning and gooey framework, the entire machine embraces AC recurrence transformation speed control, full computerized coordinated correspondence, astute control of electrical framework, turning and drawing framework, transmission framework, and so forth The human-machine interface activity is advantageous for creation the executives and quality control.
  2. The pneumatic parts, electrical parts and working parts are all of world renowned brands.
  3. As indicated by various item prerequisites, distinctive series of hot moving factory and winding machine are prepared, and the twisting machine with steady strain restraint and cutting capacity.
  4. Activity interface: According to the cycle prerequisites of the creation line and the accommodation of related interaction activity, gear investigating and support, the entire line embraces modern control machine to screen and deal with the entire cycle.
  5. Gear qualities: the entire machine is profoundly PP SSS Spunbond Machine arranged to meet the prerequisites of fast creation, huge creation limit, can do super low-gram non-woven texture, to meet the higher necessities for the consistency and non-abrasiveness of the material items.
  6. Item attributes: fine filaments, even fabric surface, high strength, items as delicate as silk.
  7. Item applications: clean items, clinical security items, and so on

The creation line takes on the polymer direct dissolve expulsion turning strategy, utilizing the streamlined guideline to allow the silk to package move in a specific stream field, and a wind current dispersion method for dialing back, parting the silk laying interaction, and afterward the fiber network utilizing the direct holding way toward harden into fabric.

In turning, the utilization of full-width cuts is the drafting gadget, because of the long drafting distance, the drafting wind pressure is utilized all the more effectively, the drafting power can be given to the silk group, saving energy. Furthermore, the drafters are fabricated in one piece and require no upkeep or fix being used.

The utilization of erupted air channels in the fiber laying region utilizes the dissemination of the wind current, decelerates the fiber pack in its normal state and twistings downwards. As the strands are in a random laying state, the different anisotropies of the filaments are guaranteed, straightforwardly controlling the longitudinal and cross over strength, consistency and rigidity of the completed texture.

During the creation interaction, the turning, drawing and laying of the yarns are shut to the external breeze, which lessens the ecological necessities and keeps the creation cycle stable.

The spunbond nonwoven texture delivered is equitably laid, solid, breathable, non-harmful and boring, and satisfies natural guidelines.